Hereford: Camp Hereford POW Chapel

Hereford: Camp Hereford POW Chapel

  • <p>A small chapel on the grounds of Camp Hereford</p> <p>Small white building with tall arched door and windows surrounded by a fence</p>
  • <p>Honor guard raising the Italian flag during a former POW reunion</p> <p>Soldiers raising a flag in front of small white building</p>
  • <p>Former POWs gather at Camp Hereford </p> <p>Group of older men posing for a picture</p>
  • <p>Italian POWs circa 1944</p> <p>Group of young men posing for a picture</p>

The nation’s second-largest prisoner of war camp, Hereford Military Reservation and Reception Center, held 7,000 Italian prisoners, some of whom were artists. In the closing days of the war, seven officers and two enlisted men donated their talents to St. Mary’s Church in nearby Umbarger—up the road from the camp. They created three Renaissance-style paintings of the Virgin Mary and a wood carving of the Last Supper.

Camp Hereford POW Camp Chapel

  • 100 CR 507, Hereford, TX

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