Lindenau: Lindenau Hall and Rifle Club

Lindenau: Lindenau Hall And Rifle Club

  • <p>The community of Lindenau was formed in 1891; the Rifle Club was formed in 1901 and the building constructed shortly after. (Dianna Bartosh)</p> <p>Hexagonal or octagonal building with bank of windows along one side and painted sign above door saying Lindenau Rifle Club</p>
  • <p>The Nordheim Fortschritt Verein (Progress Club) and the Nordheim Scheutzen Verein (Shooting Club), both founded years earlier, merged in 1927 to become the Nordheim Shooting Club. (Dianna Bartosh)</p> <p>White wood frame building with painted sign above door saying Nordheim Shooting Club Dance Hall</p>

German farmers settled Lindenau in 1891, building a schoolhouse and community center two years later. In 1906, the town was moved to become the depot for the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad. The first Lindenau hall moved with the town but was eventually replaced with the Lindenau Rifle Club in 1901. Halls such as this served multiple community purposes and organizations. Local German-Texans organized St. John’s Lutheran Church in 1902 – originally meeting in the school house – and its present building was constructed in 1907.

Also in Dewitt County, the Nordheim Shooting Club is located seven miles west of Yorktown. Its 1927 octagonal-shaped building is still in use as a dance hall and community center.

Lindenau Rifle Club and Dance Hall

Nordheim Shooting Club