Claude: Armstrong County Museum

Claude: Armstrong County Museum

  • <p>Armstrong County Museum</p> <p>Building with sign saying Armstrong County Museum</p>
  • <p>Charles Goodnight (Cattle Raisers Museum)</p> <p>Portrait of Charles Goodnight</p>
  • <p>Buffalo Hunt by George S. Catlin</p> <p>Painting of Indians on horseback chasing a herd of bison on a hillside</p>
  • <p>Indians Hunting the Bison by Karl Bodmer</p> <p>Painting of Indians on horseback with bow and arrow chasing a herd of bison</p>
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The removal of American Indians from the Texas Panhandle after the Red River War allowed ranchers like Charles Goodnight to acquire property now open to ranching and Anglo settlement. Still, bands of Comanches came down to hunt buffalo. The scarcity of bison prompted Goodnight to enter into an agreement with Quanah Parker to provide the group with cattle while they were hunting, provided that his bison herd remain undisturbed. Learn more about Goodnight in this audio track.

The Armstrong County Museum in Claude houses extensive exhibits on the life and times of Charles Goodnight, including his JA Cattle Ranch and the work of the Goodnight family to save the Southern Plains buffalo.

Armstrong County Museum

  • Hours: Tuesday and Friday, 12-4 p.m
  • Admission: Adults: $3, Senior/Student/Military: $1
  • 120 North Trice, Claude, TX
  • 806-226-2187
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