City of Sulphur Springs

City Of Sulphur Springs

  • <p>Hopkins County Courthouse (Library of Congress, Carol M. Highsmith Archive)</p> <p>Three storey red brick courthouse with tower and grassy plaza with American flag in center</p>
  • <p>Sulphur Springs ca. 1940.  (TxDOT)</p> <p>Tree lined street with semi truck driving down center and a two pump gas station with Cities Service sign on the left. Dated 1940</p>
  • <p>Sulphur Springs ca. 1940.  (TxDOT)</p> <p>Commercial street with cars parked on both sides, dated 1940.</p>
  • <p>Sulphur Springs ca. 1940.  (TxDOT)</p> <p>Commercial street with courthouse in background dated 1940</p>
  • <p>Southwest Dairy Museum</p> <p>Large white barn with 10 upper storey windows and a silo</p>

Sulphur Springs

With the discovery of mineral springs in the area in 1871, Sulphur Springs quickly became a tourist destination and continued to prosper into the 20th century. The Bankhead Highway was first designated through Sulphur Springs in 1917 and by 1924 the segment between Sulphur Springs and Greenville became part of the Federal Highway System. Tourism through the town increased as a result of these designations, and many auto‚Äźrelated businesses, such motels, tourist courts, gas stations, and auto dealerships, were established along the highway. A must-see on a visit to Sulphur Springs is the Romanesque Revival Hopkins County Courthouse, designed in 1894 by J. Riely Gordon and restored in 2002. City parks features walking/jogging trails and other recreational opportunities for everyone. Learn about regional industry at the Southwest Dairy Museum, or the deep history of the area at the Hopkins County Museum and Heritage Park.

City of Sulphur Springs

125 S. Davis St .
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