City of Eastland

City Of Eastland

  • <p>West Commerce Street (Eastland County Museum)</p> <p>Aerial view of city street</p>
  • <p>Laying brick on West Commerce Street. (Eastland County Museum) </p> <p>Workers paving a road with bricks</p>
  • <p>Downtown Eastland (Eastland County Historical Commission)</p> <p>Commercial area with cars and large crowds of people</p>
  • <p>Stop sign embedded in street.</p> <p>Raised marker embedded in a brick paved street that says stop</p>


In 1875, when two pioneer Texans, Jacamiah S. Daughterty and Charles U. Connellee, purchased land and platted the townsite of Eastland. With the railroad extending westward, early town promoters offered the Texas and Pacific Railway one‐fourth of the town lots in exchange for building the railroad through Eastland. The railroad accepted the offer, and the first engine puffed through town in 1880. Local improvement projects such as the brick pavers on the Bankhead Highway through town reflect the prosperity offered by oil production in the region. The 1928 Connellee Hotel provides a glimpse into the extravagant getaway experiences travelers could find in the West Texas oil boom towns. Auto‐tourists looking for a more subtle overnight experience stayed at the Eastland City and Tourist Park, one of the few surviving examples of a once popular lodging type. While you’re in town, stroll over to the courthouse for a glimpse of Old Rip, Eastland’s legendary horned lizard, who lived for nearly 30 years entombed in the cornerstone of the old courthouse.

  • <p>Neblett St., to Eastland City and Tourist Park</p> <p>Paved, tree lined road with curbs</p>
  • <p>Swimming pool at Eastland City and Tourist Park</p> <p>Small rock building next to a swimming pool</p>

Eastland City and Tourist Park, Neblett St.

Just off the main road on a hill overlooking the city and surrounding countryside, Eastland City and Tourist Park offered tourists and locals a picturesque setting for a picnic, a game of tennis, a day of swimming, or simply napping under a tree.

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